Tag surfer

Just because I’m bored and have nothing particularly inspired to say and am procrastinating grading species counterpoint . . .

Have you WordPress users ever looked at your TAG SURFER?  I’ve weeded out a few of my tags, but it’s amazing what still shows up.  Like:

  • A really really long sermon about Joshua and stones . . . or something
  • A post about a daughter’s relationship with her mother
  • Something about the Patriots-Colts game (which I couldn’t care less about) and Vikings-Chargers
  • The Art of Divine Contentment by T. Watson
  • A list of new AfrAm books at a local library
  • A Long & Tragic Story (wow, I wonder how long that took to create!)
  • Things in languages that even I don’t recognize!

Time to let the dog back into the house . . .

And if you are as bored as I, please give some love to my blogroll!